Scandinavian Mountains is an international destination, comprising Sweden’s and Norway’s biggest alpine destinations, Sälenfjällen and Trysil, along with Engerdal. We are taking another step towards the development of the large new region growing in Sweden and Norway by improving infrastructure and creating accessibility “into the heart” of the region. We will be a regional motor that provides increased growth and more jobs through improved accessibility, more visitors and increased business activity.

An international destination

6,400,000 guest nights. 100,000 beds. 3,300,000 ski days. Every year. Scandinavian Mountains is an established destination in Scandinavia, especially in the winter, and attractions and visitor numbers are steadily increasing during the off-snow period too. There is natural demand, an awareness and the right conditions for broader outreach nationally and internationally. The biggest growth potential is abroad.

In 2019, our guests will arrive at a new international destination.

We are thinking sustainably and in the long-term; our mountain environment is our future. This is where we will develop our primary industry in harmony with the future.

sq. m. airport buildings




Scandinavian Mountains Airport AB

Take the plane in  2019.

In 2019 you will be able to fly nationally and internationally, regular and charter, to the Scandinavian Mountains: Sälen, Idre, Trysil, and Engerdal. The expansion of the current airfield at Mobergskölen, close to Rörbäcksnäs, 9 km from Hundfjället in Dalarna, close to the Norwegian border, will create a new and rapid means of getting to the Scandinavian Mountains, all year round. A new airport, combined with activities, creates accessibility and new potential for the entire region.

The region

Over a period of several years, two countries, four municipalities, four destination companies and 435 tourism businesses have worked together to create joint opportunities that aim to create regional growth based on tourism. The municipalities of Malung-Sälen, Älvdalen, Trysil and Engerdal face common challenges and have a shared need for year-round tourism as a primary industry.

Partnerships have deepened, opportunities have been used, and energy and willpower have been channelled towards the aim of welcoming our first guests to arrive by plane in 2019. With the visitor industry as one of the most important in the region, we are aware that accessibility for visitors is absolutely vital to our development. Structured work, well-prepared decisions and the clear allocation of roles in the partnership between business, municipalities, the region and the state has led to the growth of a large new region, in which important cornerstones are a good basis for decision-making and the allocation of responsibility. Along with business, the municipalities create a good climate in which visitors, residents and companies can live and work.

Commitment, entrepreneurship and enthusiasm are found locally and regionally. Cooperation between private and public players – one of our main success factors is that together, we are people with a product that is ready for export.

Reasons to travel

One primary target group is families with young children – year round. Children are always welcome here. Our kids’ ski areas are at the heart of our resorts and being able to ski together is really appreciated by visiting families. It’s also something that is very highly ranked by our international visitors.

Watch a report from Norway’s NRK:

Besökare från UK ger Trysil och Scandinavian Mountains högt betyg

We have the “right to roam”, the opportunity to just be in the mountains, and some of the best restaurants in the White Guide – Sälenfjällen alone has eight of them. The world’s oldest tree and Sweden’s highest waterfall, Njupeskär. Femundmarka National Park and Sweden’s and Norway’s southernmost Sami villages. There is a mix of quiet mountains, major piste systems with snow guarantees and top class food and accommodation. This is Scandinavian Mountains.


Kids ski areas
Alpine skiing
Cross country skiing
Winter Ski School – kids zone
Snow Parks
Ski touring
Snowshoe walking
Dog sled
Meet & feed reindeer and moose
Ice skating
Ice climbing
Ice driving
Ice carting
Ice fishing
Ice bathing & sauna
National Parks x 3
Sami culture


Ducky (whitewater kayaking)
Culture UNESCO
Meet & feed reindeer and moose
National Parks x3


Berry picking
Mushroom picking
Training camps

Owners & stakeholders


Scandinavian Mountains AB

Scandinavian Mountains Airport AB

Scandinavian Mountains AB
Året Runt i Sälenfjällen AB
Destinasjon Trysil SA
Destinasjon Femund Engerdal AS
SkiStar AB

Scandinavian Mountains Shopping AB

Scandinavian Mountains AB 100 %

Public funding

Public funding from the Infrastructure Bill – the national plan for the transport system 2014 – 2025. On 3 April 2014 the Swedish government granted investment funding worth SEK 250 million (SEK 282 million indexed).