Guided experiences

Guided tours in two countries



We would like to be your guide to nature experiences in the border area of Norway and Sweden.

Sälen, with glacial beaks, quiet rivers and old forests.
Idre, with sami culture, a heavenly view and the world’s oldest tree.
Trysil, with lots of moose in the deep forests as well as colorful bikers rushing down the mountain sides.
And Engerdal, the true wildlife experience and two national parks to visit.

Join our guides and experience the Scandinavian Mountains!

Guided peak hike to Skagsvola

Horseback ride in the wilderness

Moose safari 

Family rafting

Guided trail biking in Trysil

Minicruise with M/S FÆMUND II

Tore’s wilderness Camp

Peak hike Brenthammern

Bear excursion in Sälenfjällen

Wilderness hiking in Sälenfjällen

Canoe tour between Norway and Sweden

Experience the real sami culture

Hiking to the world’s oldest tree

All-day hike to Båthusberget

Biking in Scandinavian Mountains

Guided fly fishing trips

Night bike ride under the stars

A taste of the Trysil culture on Smart Fatbike