Guided trail biking

Guided trail biking for you and your friends

We guide your biking trip on request.

Discover the magic of biking in Trysil. With the help of our guides, you will find comfort on the bike, whether the challenge is the steep trails in Bjønnåsen or French Moustache in Gullia.

The advantage of riding with a guide is that he/she knows all the trails in the area and can find the trails that suits the level of your group. You decide the duration and level at which you want to ride, the guide will then find trails that suits you.

Always wear a helmet. Bring a backpack with 1.5–2 litres of water. At Sport Lodgen at the Radisson Blu hotel you can rent high-quality mountain bikes for a reasonable price.

Trysilguidene also offer trail biking courses for children and beginners.

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About the trips

2-hour trip: Up to 10 persons pay NOK 1950 for one guide.

Halfday trip: Up to 10 persons pay NOK 2950 for one guide.



You choose the level and how long you want to bike. The guide will find trails that suites you.


Meeting point

Meeting point agrees upon when you book.


Book online at or call +47 62 44 85 00.