Experience the sami culture

Experience the real sami culture with Renbiten

Mondays at 1PM–5PM from 1 July to 30. Septeber. Also on request.

Maadter Ajjas summer settlement. Experience the real sami culture on this guided hiking trip together with the Renbiten. This is a magical experience where we walk together with our reindeer to great-grandfather’s old summer settlement. Here, he spent the whole summers with his wife, 10 children and herders in order to look after the reindeer, milk the female reindeer and gather herbs and plants.

The walk to to the settlement is about 2 km long. The terrain is easy to walk. In the lavvo (like teepee) we tell about the Sami culture, how life as a reindeer herder looked at grandfather’s time and how we work today. We sit on reindeer fur around the fi replace where we cook and serve a Sami meal.

Clothing for outdoor activity regardless of the weather. Boots are recommended but even sneakers is ok.

The Andersson family works with reindeer husbandry and has the whole chain from the birth of the calves to sale of meat and fur in the shop.

For Information and more experiences: www.renbiten.se

About the trip

The walk is 2.5 km long in easy terrain and takes 4 hours.


SEK 790 includes a sami meal. Please inform us about special diet. Payment on site, card or cash, Norwegian and Swedish money.


Meeting point

We meet at our store ”Renbiten”, located in Storsätern, Idre Grövelsjövägen 360, väg 1057.



mail: mailto:info@renbiten.se or phone: +46 (0)25323330 no later than 4PM the day before.