Mobergskölen Rörbäcksnäs

At the end of the 1960s, a simple airport was built on old farmlands in the vicinity of the mountain village of Rörbäcksnäs, which is situated right next to the Norwegian national border. Many of the villagers were interested in flying and had access to machines that could level out the area.

The interest for the airport was swaying during several years, but the airport was properly restored during the 1970s when an air club was founded and when it took over the operation of the airport. The interest increased and in 2005 the runway was extended to 1199 meters. Today, an international airport has been made ready and the runway has been rebuilt, extended and widened. The control tower is remotely controlled and is operated from Sundsvall. A 5000 sqm terminal with 4 gates, customs / border control, café, tax free shop, car rental, bus transfer is also in place. All in order to be able to receive the largest aircraft types with Swedish and international guests who want to visit our fantastic mountain region.

The airstrip was widely used in the 1970s.
The building of the aircraft hangar is ongoing.