Cookie policy

The Cookie policy applies to Scandinavian Mountains Airport AB (556699-6418), or other businesses within the same corporation group as previous named (henceforth “SMA”, “we”, ”our”, ”us”). When you visit SMA website and use the website services, you provide to us certain personal data. Such data can be collected in the context of your interest of our products or services, or with the use of cookies that collects data about your behavioral and use of our website.

How is your data collected?
Your data, such as name and contact information, is collected when you are using our website services and provides us with data, e.g when you make a registration of interest about our products, services or when you apply for a job with us. In order to make a registration of interest it is mandatory to provides us certain data. Registration of interest and other data collection can also be made through our business partners websites, among other LinkedIn, which means that the partner in their turn sends the data to us.
We may also collect data such as IP-address, behavioral patterns when you visit our website (e.g. which websites you have visited before and how you use our website). Such data is collected through cookies or other similar technology. To see what cookies and services we use, scroll down in this document.

About cookies
SMA minimizes the use of cookies. Processing through third party cookies can result in transferring av personal data to a third country. Such transferring is protected by applicable security measures in compliance with the GDPR. What cookies we use on our website and why is described further down in the document, as well as how you as a user can deny the use of cookies. In this policy the term “cookies” is used as a collective name for web beacons, pixel tags and other identifiers and/or tracking techniques.

What is cookies?
Cookies are small text files which is stored on your unit, such as computer, tablet or cellphone, when you visit our website and make it possible for us to recognize your browser when you visit our website. The cookies contains information about your browser, e.g what type of browser and screen resolution, and your activity on our website, among other when and which content you have seen and clicked on and which website you visited before ours. In order to use the website and all its functions without interference it is required that you approve some cookies. When you visit the website you are therefore asked to consent to the use of cookies. You always have the options to limit our use of cookies and/or delete the cookies. This can however affect the website and its functionality. How to limit and delete cookies is describe further down in the document.

Which cookies is used and why?
We use cookies for a number of different purposes, among others to gain information on how the website is used and to improve the user experience as well as internal statistical purposes, e.g. to count the number of unique visitors of the website. In addition to that we can, with the use of cookies, recognize your unit when you visit the website again, store information about your activities and preferences on the website and offer you targeted advertisement that are adapted to your interests as much as possible. The different types of cookies we use and why we use them is categorized as follows:

Necessary cookies
Some cookies are necessary for you to be able to use the website and all its functions, e.g. so that we can identify the request from the same browser under a limited session.
Functional cookies
Functional cookies contains a unique ID and helps the website to store your user preferences (such preferences as language, region), to be able to provide you with individualized and adapted services and contents.
Performance cookies
These cookies is used to analyze the websites performance and identify and fix potential issues as soon as we detect them.
Marketing cookies
We use marketing cookies to store data about the users activity on our website, among other which websites the user has visited and what links the user has clicked on, and also how the user navigates between different websites. This data is used to be able to offer targeted and adapted marketing which we think is relevant and of interest for the user. With the help of marketing cookies we can also show adds when the user visits other websites. Finally these cookies are used so that the same add is not shown to you too many times and to measure the efficiency of our marketing campaigns.
Third party cookies
We also use cookies from third parties on the website. Such cookies can collect data about visitors on the website. We are solely responsible for the data which we receive from the applicable third party. If and in the extent the third party collects data for other purposes, the third party is responsible for the processing of that data. We are using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics in order to get a estimation of how our visitors navigates on the website, which parts of the website that is visited the most, the amount of time spent on the website. Through this we can obtain statistics and a good overview of the use of our website. Such information is in our favor in order to develop and improve our website, increase the functionality and offer a better user experience for our visitors. In addition to that we use the information for analysis measurements and marketing measurements.

We are solely responsible for the processing that we conduct and are therefore not personal data controller for the processing conducted by Google. You can read about how Google uses cookies and processes collected data and how you can control the information being sent to Google here:

Compilation of cookies and storage time
We use so called session cookies (temporary cookies which is removed when you close your browser), as well as permanent cookies (stored on your unit for longer period of time or until the user deletes them). The storage period of time is presented in the chart below.

How you can limit or delete cookies
The user can delete all cookies from the unit and set the browser to automatically deny cookies and to be informed when a website uses cookies. Please read about how you can deny and delete cookies here: In order to gain full access to our products and services through the website it is required that you accept cookies. If you choose to delete or limit the use of cookies, some functions on our website will not be working and the use will not be able to use the full services of the website. In addition to that the user is required to manually set the preferences, such as language, with every visit of the website.

Why are we processing your personal data and with which legal grounds?
We are processing your personal data in according to the following purposes:
a) In order to ensure an effective and secure use of our website and to optimize and improve the user experience of it.
b) To analyze statistics and user behavioral patterns on the website.
c) To be able to provide individualized services and content adapted accordingly to the data we have about the user.
d) To be able to offer targeted marketing including adds, offers and recommendations adapted accordingly to the data we have about the user.
e) To contact and communicate with the user if contact is initiated by the user through our website or business partners website; and
f) to develop and improve the website in order to make adjustments to the users wishes.

Personal data processing referred to the list above is necessary for our legitimate interests, including our legitimate interest in good IT and Information security, direct marketing and further development of the website. Unless otherwise specified, the legal basis for these processing operations is therefore a balancing of interests.

Contact information
If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data or about cookies, or if you want to exercise your rights referred to above you are welcome to contacts us as set out below.


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