Luggage on the flight

Here we have compiled some important facts that can be good to know before your flight to and from Scandinavian Mountains Airport. We recommend that you contact your airline or the Swedish Transport Agency for up-to-date information.

Hand luggage

Hand luggage taken aboard the aircraft must be accommodated in the storage space. The size and weight of permitted hand luggage can therefore vary between different airlines. Check directly with your airline which applies to your trip.


Liquid, creams, gels and sprays in containers that hold a maximum of 100 ml (1 dl) may be included in your hand luggage. The above-mentioned bottles, cans, tubes, etc. should be placed in a transparent one-litre plastic bag and should without any problems fit in the bag, and the bag should be closed. The plastic bag must be resealable. It is permitted to carry one (1) one-litre plastic bag per passenger with ticket/boarding card. Prepare as much as you can and preferably pack your bag at home, in order to make the handling at the airport as smooth as possible. If you are not able to get hold of a resealable one-litre plastic bag, you can get one at the airport.

Medication / special foods

You may bring along your medication which you may need during the trip. Pack liquid medicines, baby foods and diet foods in a way which enables you to easily show them at the security checkpoint at the airport. They do not need to be in plastic bags. Soft drinks or similar items are not qualified as baby food.