SAS launch two international routes to Scandinavian Mountains Airport

SAS presents two routes from Denmark to Scandinavian Mountains Airport. International guests will fly directly to the airport from both Copenhagen and Aalborg. The Copenhagen route starts on 22 December and will operate on Thursdays and Sundays during the winter season. The route from Aalborg also starts on December 22 with traffic on Thursdays during the Christmas/New Year period until January 5 and Sundays from January 8.


– Our collaboration with SAS continues. It feels very good being able to welcome SAS Danish travelers to our airport. Short flight and transfer times in combination with a first-class alpine family product in both Sälenfjällen and Trysil give us a big advantage in the alpine winter holiday market. Says Gunnar Lenman, CEO of Scandinavian Mountains Airport.


– There is a great pent-up need to be able to travel abroad. The pandemic has made it more difficult for Danes to go on ski holidays for a while. Sälenfjällen offers popular destinations for ski-loving Danes and it’s great fun to now be able to make them easily accessible again with these direct routes. Says Anders Bjernulf, CEO of Destination Sälenfjällen.


Dutch BBI is offering expanded capacity and more flights to Scandinavian Mountains Airport this winter

After the successful first season, BBI Travel is now expanding the routes to Sälen / Trysil with both larger aircraft and more departures. A novelty is that they also offer departures from Schiphol in Amsterdam. This in collaboration with the airline Transavia. The season premiere will be on Christmas Eve itself.


– We are very happy that BBI Travel continues to fly Dutch guests to our mountain destination. That they are also expanding the capacity with larger aircraft and adding Schiphol in Amsterdam is incredibly fun and exciting as we know that many in and around Amsterdam want to visit our mountain world. Says Gunnar Lenman, CEO of Scandinavian Mountains Airport.


– The ski resorts Trysil and Sälen are very versatile destinations for winter sports and other active winter activities such as dog sledding and snowmobiling. What we offer our guests is the uniquely short transfer time, which in combination with the fast and efficient handling at the modern airport ensures that you can be on the slopes in no time (within an hour) after landing. Says Henk van der Kooi, CEO of BBI Travel.


Flight schedule Saturdays 24 Dec 2022 to 18 March 2023

• Amsterdam – Scandinavian Mountains Airport 07:20-11:30
• Scandinavian Mountains Airport – Amsterdam 19:40-21:40


• Groningen – Scandinavian Mountains Airport 15:00-18:50
• Scandinavian Mountains Airport – Groningen 12:20-14:05


More airlines to Sälen / Trysil this winter - SAS flies from London Heathrow

SAS adds another route to Scandinavian Mountains Airport – Sälen / Trysil for the coming winter season. The new route to and from London Heathrow starts on 26 Dec. SAS has already launched routes from both Copenhagen and Aalborg in Denmark.


– It is great news to once again be able to welcome SAS to our airport. It is also proof that we are establishing ourselves more and more as an international ski destination. Short travel time together with our uniquely short transfers to the ski areas is very much appreciated by the international ski enthusiasts and we both hope and believe that there will be full planes visiting us this winter. Says Gunnar Lenman, CEO of Scandinavian Mountains Airport.


– As an added bonus, these lines also open up the possibility for us who live in the region to get out into the world quick and easy. A theater and shopping weekend in London, a connecting flight in Copenhagen or a weekend in cozy Ålborg. These are some examples I think may of great interest now that more and more countries are opening up and we are vaccinated. Gunnar Lenman finishes.


– We are pleased to be able to offer our travelers international flights to Scandinavian Mountains Airport. Short travel times, attractive timetables, with fantastic opportunities for skiing and other winter activities in the Swedish and Norwegian mountains are something many people long for. We are convinced that SAS’s new lines will make the Scandinavian winter experience more accessible. SAS will fly the route with aircraft from its state-of-the-art, renewed fleet, which gives our customers a more comfortable experience and a more sustainable way of traveling. Says Karl Sandlund, commercial director of SAS.


BRA is expanding flights to and from Sälen / Trysil

The Swedish airline BRA is launching 4 routes to and from Scandinavian Mountains Airport this winter. Stockholm / Bromma, Ängelholm, Malmö and Danish Århus. Interest in the Swedish mountains is record high for the coming season. The flights are made with a modern propeller aircraft (ATR 72-600), which is the world’s most climate-efficient regional aircraft.


BRA restarted its traffic in the spring after a reconstruction. The response exceeded all expectations and flights were booked quickly. This summer’s flights to Sälen / Trysil have shown the same positive trend and the airline is now focusing on the upcoming fall and winter.


– This is good news for us! We already have a close and appreciated collaboration with BRA. They have a view of environmental work that we share. This collaboration is now being expanded further with the domestic line from Malmö and the international line from Danish Aarhus, says Gunnar Lenman, CEO of Scandinavian Mountains Airport.


– We strongly believe in the Danish market as we know that many skiing enthusiasts live there. I know that Sälen and Trysil are high on the wish list for them and now they really get the chance to travel here quick, smooth and easy for both skiing and mountain experiences, Gunnar Lenman continues.


– It feels really great that we are increasing the number of departures to and from Sälen / Trysil and that we are also adding two completely new lines in the form of Malmö and Århus. With these new lines, we make it possible for our customers in Skåne and for the Danes who live in the region around Århus to get to the mountains easily. Once in place, it is not far to the ski resort, says BRA’s CEO Ulrika Matsgård.


Customers are offered to choose MiljöClass, which is a ticket where fossil fuel is exchanged for biofuel. All trips made with BRA are also fully climate-compensated. BRA aims to be the first fossil-free airline in the world by 2030, to increase biofuel use and to be the first commercial airline to fly electric aircraft in Sweden. Tickets can be booked already now on


Relaunch of route from the Netherlands to Scandinavian Mountains Airport

Dutch BBI-Travel re-launches the flight route to Scandinavian Mountains Airport starting on 19 December 2021. Two days a week, Thursdays and Sundays, Dutch can now via Groningen Airport Eelde get to Sälenfjällen and Trysil where they can enjoy real winter and skiing. The flights take place in collaboration with the Danish airline Great Dane Airlines, which will use the flight type Embraer 195 with 118 seats.


– It feels very good to be able to present these new. The idea was to get started with the line already last winter season, but the pandemic unfortunately put a stop to the plans. Now the situation looks better and it feels fun and hopeful that we can get started. Says Gunnar Lenman, CEO of Scandinavian Mountains Airport.


– The Netherlands is an important market for us. We know that many Dutch people love snow and winter sports. In combination with our short transfer times to the ski resorts and a first-class alpine family product, it gives us a good starting point that we must take advantage of. We also know that Dutch people love mountain hiking and what we can offer during the summer and autumn. This makes this collaboration with BBI feel extra exciting in our investment in getting traffic started all year round, Gunnar Lenman continues


– Something that many may not think about is that this line also opens up opportunities for us who live in the region to be able to quickly and easily take us down to the northern parts of the Netherlands which is a popular and incredibly beautiful destination, Gunnar Lenman concludes.


– I am proud and happy to be able to present this restart to Sälen and Trysil. Our customers have long requested travel to Sälen and Trysil and I have high hopes for this route. Says Henk van der Kooi, CEO of BBI-Travel.


New international flight route between Danish Aarhus and Scandinavian Mountains Airport

The airline BRA launches another flight to Scandinavian Mountains Airport – Sälen Trysil in the winter of 21/22. This time the line is international and runs between Denmark’s second largest city Aarhus and Scandinavian Mountains Airport. The flights start on December 19 and will arrive at Scandinavian Mountains Airport on Thursdays and Sundays. The airline will operate Scandinavian Mountains Airport using itss state-of-the-art and fuel-efficient ATR 72-600 and all flights are climate-compensated at no extra cost.


Scandinavian Mountains Airport in collaboration with Fly Green Fund

Fly Green Fund is a non-profit organization through which private individuals, companies and public organizations can buy sustainable aviation fuel to reduce the climate of their air travel. The goal is to, through increased use and demand, start large-scale local production of sustainable aviation fuel in the Nordic region.


In this way, the Fly Green Fund contributes to Sweden and the Nordic countries driving the development of sustainable aviation fuels forward, which is an important part of the work to reduce aviation’s climate impact globally.


SAS launches two international airlines to Scandinavian Mountains Airport - Sälen Trysil

SAS re-launches two routes from Denmark to Scandinavian Mountains
Airport and flies international guests directly to the airport near the border
between Sweden’s largest ski resort Sälen and Norway’s largest ski resort Trysil. The route from Copenhagen starts december 26:th, 2021 and  will be operated Thursdays and Sundays. On the same day (december 26:th), a route from Danish Aalborg starts, and will be operated on Sundays.

– It is incredibly gratifying to once again be able to welcome such an established player as SAS to our airport. The travel time to our ski areas will be, for example, 8 hours shorter for a family from the Copenhagen area who want to visit us. Short flight and transfer times in combination with a first-class alpine family product gives us a great advantage in the market, alpine winter vacation. Says Gunnar Lenman, CEO of Scandinavian Mountains Airport.


– We expect great demands from Danes on these destinations when the ski season starts again. The Danes have not been able to go on ski holiday of two years due to the. pandemic and there is a built up demand for visiting the nearby mountains. Sälen and Trysil are very popular destinations for ski-loving Danes and we look forward to being able to make them easily accessible again with these direct lines. As a result of the pandemic the demand for flexible tickets has increased and we have therefore introduced new booking rules and rebooking options. Says Mette Krath, sales manager SAS Denmark.


Alsie Express launches new route between Danish Sønderborg and Scandinavian Mountains Airport

The Danish airline Alsie Express launches a new route between Sønderborg and Scandinavian Mountains Airport Sälen-Trysil. The airline sees the route as a long-term part of its offering. During the first year, flights are offered Thursdays and Sundays between weeks 2-8 2022. In addition to Danish travelers, the market of interest for Sønderborg Airport is also the North German market. The Netherlands is also within reach for the new route.

– We are pleased to to offer a direct route from Sønderborg Airport to Sälen-Trysil. A big advantage is the short transfer time from when our travelers land until they are in place in the ski slope. The shortest transfer is only 10 minutes, says Dennis Rybasch, CEO of Alsie Express


– Alsie Express and Sønderborg Airport have a large market potential in both Denmark and the northern parts of Germany and the Netherlands. We know that these markets offer many ski enthusiasts and we really believe that this can be a popular airline for many years to come. Says Gunnar Lenman, CEO of Scandinavian Mountains Airport.



• Thursdays and Sundays 13 Jan – 27 Feb 2022
• The flight time is 120 minutes
• The flight tickets can be booked on already now
• Refund options in case of restrictions around Covid-19


Information Covid-19

Scandinavian Mountains Airport continuously monitors developments and recommendations from the relevant authorities. For questions about changed flight times and possibly canceled flights, we refer to the airlines SAS and BRA for the latest news.


Ticket release at SAS - book next season's airline tickets to Sälen Trysil now

Starting today, SAS will be releasing tickets to Scandinavian Mountains Airport for the coming winter. SAS follows the trend of early booking. The ski resorts of Sälen Trysil opened their bookings for the next season as early as January. The airline operates the airport from London Heathrow, Copenhagen and Aalborg.


The day after Brexit - today the first flight from London landed

CEO Gunnar Lenman welcomes the first passenger to Sweden and Scandinavian Mountains Airport.
After a few weeks of diverted flights to Oslo, today the first flight from London was able to put down the landing wheels at Scandinavian Mountains Airport. This is after the airport is now allowed to act as a border crossing point for departures and arrivals of flights outside Schengen.

– Finally, we were able to welcome the first passengers from London. It feels great that we are now in the running and can seriously start working to get more Englishmen to land in the middle of Scandinavia’s largest ski area, says Gunnar Lenman, CEO of Scandinavian Mountains Airport.


The government has decided that flights from London may land

After a few weeks of bus transfers from Oslo Gardermoen, flights from London can finally land at the new Scandinavian Mountains Airport. The government has now made the decision, which means that from 1 February the airport will serve as a border crossing point for departures and arrivals of flights outside Schengen. 

– Finally, the passengers from London now get to experience our new airport and our uniquely short transfer time to the ski resorts. The shortest transfer time is only 10 minutes, says Gunnar Lenman, CEO of Scandinavian Mountains Airport.


– It is gratifying that the permit is now in place. It will be exciting to see the passenger development now when the passengers know that they can land directly in our fine mountain world, says Hans Unander, Chairman of the Municipal Board in Malung-Sälen municipality.


Inauguration of Scandinavian Mountains Airport

Today, Scandinavian Mountains Airport, the first airport in Sweden in 20 years, was inaugurated. A unique regional venture with only 10 minutes transfer to the nearest ski area. The airport will improve accessibility and strengthen Sälen and Trysils position as international ski destinations. At the same time, the establishment creates development, jobs, immigration and a strong future faith in the region.

– It’s a big day for us at Scandinavian Mountains Airport and throughout the region. We strongly believe that the airport will be one of the region’s most important growth engines. Already tomorrow, Sunday (Dec 22) at. At 08:45 we are ready to receive the first flight of guests to celebrate Christmas in the mountains. A historic moment for us at the airport and a milestone in the development of Sälenfjällens and Trysil. We have been looking forward to this day for a long time and it is very fun to be on the move, says Gunnar Lenman, CEO of Scandinavian Mountains Airport.


– The fact that the airport is being created and that it is now inaugurated and ready is a milestone not only for Sälen but for the entire region. It is important and good that we see investments and growth in the countryside. This creates confidence in the future in Dalarna and for the companies that create job opportunities in the region, says Peter Hultqvist, Minister of Defense.


SAS introduces direct services to Scandinavian Mountains Airport

During the 2019-2020 winter season SAS is going to start direct flights from Copenhagen, Aalborg and London to Scandinavian Mountains Airport, the new airport in Sälen/Trysil. The new airport is only a short distance from around 250 ski slopes in Sweden and Norway. The new services will give snow lovers from Denmark, Southern Sweden and the United Kingdom a totally new way of enjoying Scandinavia’s leading winter sports area.

SAS is introducing a total of four new return flights a week to and from Sälen/Trysil. The services from Denmark and the United Kingdom will operate during the winter season until Easter. With over 250 slopes at Skistar’s resorts within a 10-40 minute transfer from the airport, the new SAS services offer an entirely new way of getting to the Scandinavian ski resorts and mountain areas in Sälen and Trysil. SAS and SkiStar are also entering into a strategic partnership which will simplify the booking procedure for ski travel, for example.


“We are delighted that SAS that is able to offer the first international flights to the new airport. Short journey times, attractive timetables, combined with fantastic opportunities for skiing and other winter activities in the Swedish and Norwegian mountains are what a lot of people are looking for. We are going to continue to develop our collaboration with SkiStar in order to improve the services we can offer our passengers and make it a whole lot easier to enjoy the Scandinavian winter experience”, says Karl Sandlund, Executive Vice President Commercial, SAS.


The flying time from Copenhagen and Aalborg to Sälen/Trysil is about 1 hour and 20 minutes, while the flight from London takes about two hours. SAS will operate flights to Scandinavian Mountains Airport (SCR) starting on 29 December from Denmark and 28 December from the United Kingdom. The new services will be operated with the new SAS Airbus 320neo aircraft, which is the quietest and most fuel-efficient plane in the industry and reduces carbon emissions by up to 18 percent.

Tickets to Sälen/Trysil will be available for sale from all sales outlets from today, 12 August.


Copenhagen (CPH) – Scandinavian Mountains Airport (SCR)
Two return flights per week on Thursdays and Sundays.
First departure 29 December 2019.


Alborg (AAL) – Scandinavian Mountains Airport (SCR)
One return flight per week on Sundays.
First departure 29 December 2019.


London, Heathrow (LHR) – Scandinavian Mountains Airport (SCR)
One return flight per week on Saturdays.
First departure 28 December 2019.