Check in

Check in

In order to gain access to the aircraft you must be checked in and have a boarding pass even if you only travel with hand luggage.

How long in advance?

The airlines have different recommendations for when you need to check in. Contact your airline about what applies to your particular trip.

ID card or passport

You must be prepared to identify yourself so bring your ID card or passport, depending on where you are going.

Security check

All travelers must undergo a security check before traveling. If you are prepared, the check goes quick, smooth and easy. At the Swedish Transport Agency you can read more about what applies to air travel and security checks when traveling from Sweden.
Terms in connection with the use of security scanners


Scandinavian Mountains Airport uses full body scanning of passenger and other persons than passenger.


Passengers and other persons than passengers always have a choice between the full body scanning or a physical search.


The scanners works by projecting low-level radio frequency (RF) energy over and around the persons body. Health Sweden concludes the RF energy emitted by the scanner and within Sweden`s guidelines.


To protect passengers and other persons than passengers privacy, the scanner uses a generic figure (below) that indicates areas on the persons body, requiring additional search. Generic images are not associated with any identifiable information and are immediately and permanently deleted after the sceening process is completed.


A person who set of an alarm, additional security measures may be required to resolve the alarm