Crew info

ESKS – SCR Scandinavian Mountains Airport
61°9’53.12″N 12°50’2.55″E

RWY 15/33
2500 x 45m ASPH 

Elevation 1649ft

General information

The nearest airport is Mora/Siljan Airport which is located about 85 km south east of Scandinavian Mountains Airport. There are no other small airports in the immediate area on the Swedish side. Adjacent sectors in Sweden are controlled by ATCC Stockholm (LFV) and adjacent sectors in Norway are controlled by Oslo ACC ( Avinor Flysikring AS).


On the Norwegian side there are two smaller airports, Trysil Sæteråsen and Ljørdalen , and VFR is flown between these two airports at about 4000ft AMSL. In addition to regular Flight Club traffic with light aircraft, gliding, parachuting and advanced flying (VFR) are conducted at Trysil Saeteråsen .


The airspace around Sälen TMA is uncontrolled up to FL95 on both the Swedish and Norwegian sides. There are two R areas in the area, R13 and R200. R13 is located in the north. R200 is located in the southern part of Sälen supplementary TMA and is a restricted area for gliding that can be activated between 15 May and 15 September up to FL195.

To get here

PPR for all traffic, no later than 72 hours before arrival. Use the form below. PPR inquiries are primarily referred to ATS opening hours. Other times, snow removal and anti-skid of the runway are not guaranteed.


Remote Tower Control is active according to AIP & NOTAM . All other times it is G-air on the Swedish side and G / RMZ on the Norwegian. See the respective country’s AIP. “Seal TWR” frequency 124,460

ATS opening hours


Prices are based on PPR request, aircraft size, ATS needs, time.

Fill in the form below for a quote.

PPR/Document request

No later than 72 hours before arrival

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Itinerary planning

ESKS tower Freq 124,460
Tel +46 (0) 60-19 75 04

Aero club

More information at Sälenfjällen Aero Club

Deviation management

Scandinavian Mountains Airport should be a safe airport. All employees have a responsibility and an obligation to do their utmost to prevent events from occurring that could cause damage to people, property and the environment. The purpose of non-conformance reporting is to ensure that events that occur at the airport are known and dealt with.


This is to maintain a high level of flight safety and everything else that affects the airport in general. An event that may adversely affect aviation safety, security or the environment must not recur. We also work to locate errors and shortcomings in our operations and our work routines and we are grateful for any deviations that are reported to us.


Here’s how:
• Fill out the form (if you wish, you can remain anonymous).
• Press “send” and the case is passed on to an administrator.
• The administrator investigates the underlying causes and ensures that measures are taken to prevent recurrence.
• As a reporter, if you are not anonymous, you will receive feedback during the processing.
• If the case is linked to aviation safety or security , the report is also forwarded to the Swedish Transport Agency.

Local security regulations (Airport Regulations - AR)

AR is the airport’s own safety rules and is a more detailed regulation that complements existing regulations. These are adapted to the needs and local circumstances prevailing at each airport. They must be informed of, and followed by, those who work at, enter or operate the airport in their operations.

Clarification AR.02 Order rules

Photography and sound recording
Scandinavian Mountains Airport is a protected object, which is covered by the Protection Act 2010:305 4§ 4 point. Photography for personal use is permitted within the airport area, with the exception of airport security checkpoints where the airport has issued a local photography ban. Organized film production, radio production, video production, photography and similar activities may not take place without special permission from Scandinavian Mountains Airport.

Airport Info (Airport Information - AI)

AI is the airport’s local information sheet on the status of the airport and contains messages related to regulations that affect the operation of the airport and that may affect flight safety.