Due to the ongoing pandemi we would like you to be aware of the following.
This page is updated frequently

Dear passenger. Due to the Corona pandemic, flights have been cancelled/changed. We recommend that you look for updated information with your airline.


Your health and safety is our biggest priority. Together, we can make sure to minimize the spread of the disease. Scandinavian Mountains Airport is following the European Flight Safety Authority’s guidelines on how to minimize the Covid-19 effects.


• Business hours may vary and are following our arrivals and departures.

• We recommend you to check-in before arrival ate the airport.

• In order to avoid that the airport get too crowded we recommend as few as possible to accomany our travelers.

• In the terminal, you are recommended to wear a face mask.

• Signs will remind you to keep social distance.

• Do not travel if you are not feeling well, keep distance and wash your hands frequently.

• Our counters are fitted with transparent screens

• Hand sanitizer will be offered at strategic places.


To keep distance is to show that you care!